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17 September Vishwakarma Puja Today in India

17 September Vishwakarma Puja Today in India

Vishwakarma Puja is a Hindu festival celebrated on 17 September . Vishwakarma Day also known as Vishwakarma Jayanti or Vishwakarma Puja is a day of celebration for Vishwakarma, a Hindu Bhagwan of the creative power that holds the universe together according to the Rigveda and is considered to be the original creator, architect.

Some Hindi Text :-

स्कंद पुराण प्रभात खण्ड के निम्न श्लोक की भांति किंचित पाठ भेद से सभी पुराणों में यह श्लोक मिलता हैः-बृहस्पते भगिनी भुवना ब्रह्मवादिनी।प्रभासस्य तस्य भार्या बसूनामष्टमस्य च।विश्वकर्मा सुतस्तस्यशिल्पकर्ता प्रजापतिःमहर्षि अंगिरा के ज्येष्ठ पुत्र बृहस्पति की बहन भुवना जो ब्रह्मविद्या जानने वाली थी वह अष्टम् वसु महर्षि प्रभास की पत्नी बनी और उससे सम्पुर्ण शिल्प विद्या के ज्ञाता प्रजापति विश्वकर्मा का जन्म हुआ। पुराणों में कहीं योगसिद्धा, वरस्त्री नाम भी बृहस्पति की बहन का लिखा है।

He constructed the holy city of Dwarka where Krishna ruled, the Maya Sabha of the Pandavas, and was the creator of many fabulous weapons for the gods. He is highly regarded as the Patron God of all workers and professionals. He is the Son of Brahma, he is the divine draftsman of the whole universe, and the official builder of all the gods’ palaces. Vishwakarma is also the designer of all the flying chariots of the gods, and all their weapons.

Vishwakarma Puja timing, Panchang

Biswakarma Puja is an important observance and festival in Bengal, Orissa and other parts of Eastern India.Vishwakarma Day also known as Vishwakarma Jayanti or Vishwakarma Puja or Biswakarma Puja or Biswa Karma. It is dedicated to Biswakarma, the divine architect of the universe in Hinduism. Vishwakarma Puja falls on the last day of the Bengali month Bhadra which is also known as Bhadra Sankranti or Kanya Sankranti.

Vishwakarma Puja calculations are done according to Bisuddhasidhanta. Vishwakarma Puja falls on the last day of the Bengali month Bhadra which is also known as Bhadra Sankranti or Kanya Sankranti.

Sankranti Moment = 07:01

Panchang for Vishwakarma Puja DayChoghadiya Muhurat on Vishwakarma Puja

Why is Viswakarma Puja celebrated on 17th September every year?

It is generally celebrated every year on 17 or 18 September which usually falls on the last day of the Indian Bhado month, in Indian states such as Assam, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha, and Tripura.

How do we Celebrate Vishwakarma Puja?

We can say it is the festival of working class where people usually worship their work and work places. The festival is observed primarily in factories and industrial areas, often on the shop floor. As a mark of reverence the day of worship is marked not only by the engineering and architectural community but by artisans, craftsmen, mechanics, smiths, welders, industrial workers, factory workers and others. They pray for a better future, safe working conditions and, above all, success in their respective fields. Workers also pray for the smooth functioning of various machines. It is customary for craftsmen to worship their tools in his name, refraining from using the tools while doing so. Modern electronic servers are also worshipped for their smooth functioning.

Special statues and pictures of Vishwakarma are normally installed in every workplace and factory. All workers gather in one common place and perform the puja .

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17th September 2018

Vishwakarma Pujan Vidhi, Vishwakarma Puja Method

Vishwakarma Puja Songs, Mantras, Video

Om shree shrishtinathaya sarvasidhhaya vishwakarmaya namo namah…

17 September Vishwakarma Puja Tweets, Messages

On the auspicious Vishwakarma Day, may you be blessed with happiness and prosperity.

May Lord Vishwakarma grant all the power to you to craft a more prosperous future. On this auspicious occasion, Allahabad Bank wishes all a very Happy Vishwakarma Puja.

Vishwakarma Puja Tweets
Vishwakarma Puja Tweets

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