Anand Mahindra says “No Lockdown, need for Unlock 1.0”


ANAND MAHINDRA SAYS “NO LOCKDOWN, NEED FOR UNLOCK 1.0”- I agree with you 100%, we have had enough of Lockdowns and we need to reignite and rejuvenate the Life.


He tweeted “A lockdown, by definition needs to have a defined tenure and perhaps the word itself needs to have a limited shelf life. Maybe we now need to move away from the term and find an alternate for the way forward..”Unlock 1.0??”.

Unlock 1.0 is in Progress now!

The Centre’s new guidelines provide a roadmap for lifting of the lockdown and allows states to take a call on when the educational institutions, public transport and other social gathering places can open and under which conditions. It also gives powers to the states to take strict measures as per their needs and have to follow the ones issued by the Centre.

The nationwide lockdown was first announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on March 24 for three weeks to curb the spread of the coronavirus disease. It has been extended thrice since then.

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