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Are low-fat diets ineffective for achieving long-term weight loss?

Are low-fat diets ineffective for achieving long-term weight loss?


A new study has revealed that low-fat diets are ineffective for achieving long-term weight loss.

Lead author Deirdre Tobias from Harvard Medical School said the thinking was that simply reducing fat intake would naturally lead to weight loss. He, however, added that their robust evidence clearly suggested otherwise, Medical Xpress reported.

I would say that the minute you focus just on Diet plans and but not on Exercises or Other Physical Activities,these results are going to be Random in nature.For me Good Fitness is combined effect of Exercise and Diet.And the minute you balance your diet basing on Ratio of Big Three(Protein,Carb and Fat) ,you will figure out a perfect Health solution for you.No need for unnecessary sacrifices but a smart strategy will do for you.Please go through my previous post,that will certainly help you in deciding  Introduction to Nutritional Facts of Your Food

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