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Secret / Mystery of Nine men of Ashoka

Secret / Mystery of Nine men of Ashoka

Secret / Mystery of Nine men of Ashoka is the one of the most discussed and still unresolved Mystery that always do rounds. The Nine Unknown Men of Samrat Ashoka, a secret society founded by the Greatest Mauryan Emperor Ashoka around 270 BC to preserve and develop knowledge that would be dangerous to humanity if it fell into the wrong and evil hands.

The nine unknown men were tasked and entrusted with guarding nine books of secret knowledge or Knowledge of great value that will always help humanity to survive.

Mystery of Nine men of Ashoka

As per myths it started after Ashoka witnessed Bloodshed of 100,000 men in the Kalinga battle.  It is said that the Emperor Asoka once aware of the horrors of war, wished to forbid men ever to put their intelligence to evil uses.

 “Henceforward, and for the next 2,000 years, all researches, ranging from the structure of matter to the techniques employed in collective psychology, were to be hidden behind the mystical mask of a people commonly believed to be exclusively concerned with ecstasy and supernatural phenomena. Asoka founded the most powerful secret society on earth: that of the Nine Unknown Men or Nine men of Ashoka”

Each of the Nine is supposedly responsible for guarding and improving a single book. Nine trusted and learned disciples of science were chosen and each of the chose Nines entrusted with a book containing all of mankind’s accumulated and ever growing knowledge in a certain field, which the holder of the book would add to, revise and perfect, and this duty would be passed down to the select chosen throughout the ensuing centuries.


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