Shahid Afridi tweets “Kashmiris must be given their due rights as per UN resolution”. And he asks Donald Trump’s Help. I guess he should read the UN Security Council resolution on Jammu Kashmir First where it is clearly stated that Pakistan have to leave POK first.

But then you can not expect sensible, intelligent things from Shahid Afridi. This is why he is Shahid Afridi.

His full statement at Twitter. “Kashmiris must be given their due rights as per #UN resolution. The rights of Freedom like all of us. Why was @UN created & why is it sleeping? The unprovoked aggression & crimes being committed in Kashmir against #Humanity must be noted. The @POTUS must play his role to mediate.”

Shahid Afridi

Christine Fair absolutely demolishes a Pakistani ‘FoolBright’ scholar’s delusional understanding of history including his interpretation of UN Resolution on Kashmir. A treat to watch. Full Video –

But do we need to worry, Dhoni is here so No-